The James Bedford Society

James Bedford SocietyGifts have played a fundamental role in the cryonics movement since its earliest days. Dr. James Bedford, a man whose extraordinary vision led him to become the first person to be cryopreserved and also the first to make a bequest to a cryonics organization, exemplified the determination of the early pioneers of cryonics.

James Bedford
The James Bedford Society recognizes those who make a bequest of any size to Alcor.

We invite you to follow in his footsteps and join the James Bedford Society, Alcor’s recognition society for those who make bequests.

Giving to Alcor can be easy! If you have a pension, 401(k), 403(b), IRA, or any life insurance policy that is not held for cryopreservation funding purposes, you can assign Alcor as the beneficiary. If you have any of these types of retirement planning assets, simply contact your plan manager or insurance agent for beneficiary change forms.

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For more information on how these gifts might work for you, contact Alcor’s Member Communications Director:
480-905-1906 x115

7895 E Acoma DR #110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Additionally, bequests can be made as part of your estate plan. Outright gifts or establishing trusts and annuities are all ways in which you can help secure Alcor’s future. Appreciated securities are an excellent way of funding gifts, often unlocking greater income while reducing capital gains tax. Contact your financial planner or attorney for details on how you can establish your planned gift for Alcor. We welcome your gift, regardless of size.

If you have already provided a gift for Alcor in your estate, please send a copy of your relevant documents to Alcor’s Member Communications Director. If your cryopreservation arrangements have funding over the current required minimum, and that overfunding is assigned as a gift to the Alcor Research Fund, General Operating Fund, or the Endowment Fund, you also qualify as a member of the James Bedford Society.