7th Alcor Conference, October 5-7, 2007

Steve Bridge

Steve Bridge became a librarian in 1974 and a cryonicist in 1977. He is still both. In 1977, Steve started the Institute for Advanced Biological Studies (IABS) in Indianapolis, Indiana, with Mike Darwin, because they thought a local alternative was needed to the distant cryonics groups then existing in California, New York, and Michigan. They also wanted a vehicle to communicate a wider range of ideas about cryonics than was then available, so they started Cryonics magazine in 1981. IABS merged with Alcor in 1982. Steve served as Alcor's President from 1993 to 1997, during which he led Alcor's move to Arizona in 1994 and was the primary developer of Alcor's Patient Care Trust. Steve has remained a long-time contributor to cryonics news groups. Today, Steve is an advisor to Alcor's Board of Directors and the co-manager of Cryonics Property, LLC, the entity that owns the building housing Alcor. He currently lives in Indianapolis with his family, where he is a children's and reference librarian for the public library.

Some of Steve's writings:
The Legal Status of Cryonics Patients
Why a Religious Person Can Choose Cryonics
The Neuropreservation Option: Head First into the Future
Selling Cryonics
Has Cryonics Taken the Wrong Path?

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