Alcor Conference 2012: Todd Huffman (31 minutes)
Advances in Neuroscience Structure, Function, and Computation

Todd Huffman
Todd Huffman (31 minute video)
Advances in Neuroscience Structure, Function, and Computation: Implications for Cryonics
Todd Huffman is an informatician and designer working biomedical imaging and system design. He is the founder and CEO of 3Scan, which is building high-throughput 3D microscopes for imaging and digitally reconstructing large scale tissues and organs. 3Scans flagship technology, the Knife-Edge Scanning Microscope, can image whole small animal brains with sub-micron resolution. Todd has been involved in cryonics for 10 years, as the co-leader of the Alcor Southern California Field Team, full-time at Alcor as a researcher, and as a consultant with Suspended Animation on training and system design. Todd holds a Masters in Computational Biosciences from Arizona State University, a Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Studies from Nanyang University in Singapore, and a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from California State University Long Beach.

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