Alcor Denies Origins of Ted Williams’ “Death Mask”

Scottsdale, Ariz. (August 25, 2005) ­ Joe Waynick, CEO and President, of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, denied insinuations by New York City’s First Street Gallery that their so-called “death mask” of Ted Williams is actually cast from the former Red Sox baseball phenomenon. In addition, Waynick denied claims that Alcor made contributions of Alcor promotional items to the artist, Daniel Edwards.

“I can definitively say that Alcor has never allowed anyone to make a death mask cast of any of our patients at any time,” said Waynick. “We have never spoken with Daniel Edwards, his representatives or representatives of the First Street Gallery. It is a travesty that some people feel the need to exploit Ted Williams and his family for monetary gain.”

About the Alcor Life Extension Foundation

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1972, is the world leader in cryonics, and cryonics research and technology. Cryonics is the science of using ultra-cold temperatures to suspend and preserve human life. The intent is that technologically advanced scientific procedures will one day be available to revive cryopreserved humans and restore them to good health.Alcor performed its first human cryopreservation in 1976. Since then, Alcor has engaged in long-term patient care as well as cryopreservation procedures. Among Alcor’s scientific achievements is the use of advanced cryoprotectant formulas capable of vitrification.Today, Alcor is the only full-service cryonics organization in existence. Alcor has more than 765 members from around the world and 69 patients in cryostasis. The public is welcome to attend regularly scheduled tours of the Alcor facility. For more information about Alcor and cryonics, visit

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